Health Protector
3H PLUS is a healthcare supplement that is composed of 4 major ingredients: Sesaplex, Hytolive, L-arabinose and superfruit. It is a comprehensive healthcare product that regulates the 3 hyper series and strengthens the liver function. Adhere to the selection of high-quality imported raw materials, extract the most nutritious and valuable essence of it. Through the exclusive extraction technology, the essence that is most easily absorbed by the body is retained. The essence can be quickly absorbed and penetrate the cell membrane to protect each cell inside-out.
  • Lower blood cholesterol
  • Reduce blood sugar level
  • Strengthen liver function
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Nourish liver
  • Improve metabolic function
  • Improve vascular health
  • Heart support
Love the Liver, Live the Good Life

One of the main ingredients in 3H PLUS is Sesaplex (sesame extracts), helps to prevent hardening of the arteries and promote blood circulation, regulate blood pressure and lipid efficacy, as well as to improve the body metabolize fat, particularly the fat inside liver, thus achieve the role of liver protection. Besides, also add in Hytolive, which has double up the antioxidant effect, effective against free radicals damage on cells and organs of the human body. 3H PLUS help to maintain the function of a healthy liver by maintaining the integrity of liver cells and antioxidant protection.

If the liver is unable to detoxify normally, toxins will accumulate in the body, and even the most beautiful woman will turn into a "yellow-faced woman", and the strongest man will be sluggish. If you want to be healthy, you must first protect your liver.

Helps regulate and balance the functions of blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar. In addition, it improves the body's metabolism of fat, especially the fat in the liver, so as to strengthen liver function.
Maintaining healthy cholesterol can effectively improve blood circulation and help balance blood. It has antioxidant properties and can promote blood vessel health.
A new type of low-calorie sweetener, which is widely present in the skins of fruits and whole grains. Because it can inhibit the activity of invertase in the human intestine, it has the effect of blocking sugar absorption and reducing fat production. In addition, Larabinose can also inhibit body fat accumulation, and can be used to prevent and treat diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, and hyperlipidemia.
Superfruit is a customized formula that includes a mixture of orange, mango, pineapple and passion fruit. Superfruits provide natural vitamins, minerals, protein and carotene, which help promote and maintain good health. Superfruit Powder has a high ORAC value and is excellent in providing antioxidant effects.
Who needs MedyUp 3H PLUS?
3 high patients, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases patients
Those who stay up late for a long time
Frequent drinkers and people with unhealthy eating habits
Pregnant mother
Eliminates fat and protects the liverand restores health.

The liver is the second largest organ of the human body. It has multiple functions and is also known as the human body's "chemical factory". It is one of the body's important detoxification organs. The toxic substances absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract must be decomposed into non-toxic substances by the liver, and then converted into bile or urine to be excreted from the body. A poor liver can also cause three highs. The liver is another critical sugar-regulating organ besides the pancreas. When we consume food, sugar can be synthesized and stored in the liver and other tissues to prevent the blood sugar concentration from being too high; when the human blood sugar level is low, glycogen will be broken down into glucose to subsidiary the blood sugar. Besides, the liver is the target organ for hormones involved in blood sugar regulation (such as insulin, glucagon, somatostatin, etc.). Therefore, if the liver function is impaired, the glucose regulation function will also decrease, which is manifested as impaired glucose tolerance. If liver damage causes impaired glucose tolerance, as long as liver function recovers, blood sugar will gradually return to normal. If the liver is not metabolized normally, the nutrients needed by the human body cannot be supplied in time, and all organs of the body cannot work normally: the eyes that should be bright will become dry and dull due to insufficient liver blood, and the nails that should be smooth and tough will become dry and deformed.

What are 3 Hyper Series?

Three Hyper Series refers to the collective term for hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperlipidemia (high blood cholesterol), and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). They are closely related. There will be a concomitant phenomenon between these three. If people with high blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar will be high; if you have high blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar will be high; so is high blood sugar. Three highs are also classified as "metabolic syndrome", this disease has become very common in modern society. According to data, 8.1% of Malaysian adults and 1.7 million people are at risk of suffering from the three highs, and this figure is increasing year by year.

Eat too much fried food, because fried food contains a lot of high cholesterol and acrylamide. Cholesterol is an important factor in causing high blood pressure and high blood fat.
Excessive intake of vegetable oil. Modern people often say that "the dishes are becoming less and less tasteless, without any aroma", so more oil will be added to the dishes. Excessive intake of vegetable oils will increase people's lipids, which will make people more obese and make it easier for people to get the "three highs".
Too much salt is added. The chloride ions in the salt will narrow the blood vessels, and the Na ions will change the osmotic pressure of the cells, which will cause the blood vessels to become thinner, the blood volume in the blood vessels is larger, and the blood pressure is higher.
Intake of large amounts of fat. In daily life, we often find that some people don't want to eat without meat. Therefore, meat has become a common thing on the table in people's daily life, which causes the body to consume too much fat, therefore causes hyperlipidemia.
Smoking, alcohol abuse, staying up late, and insufficient exercise are common due to work relations, which causes people to be in sub-health and are more susceptible to various diseases.
Why choose 3H PLUS ?
  1. A chewable tablet, various of benefit
    A small bottle has many benefits. One capsule at a time, 3 times a day, you can easily maintain liver health, regulate the three highs, drive metabolism, eliminate fat and cholesterol, and have super antioxidant protection to maintain your health in all aspects.

  2. Double the effect, easier for the body to absorb
    The high nutrient content can be quickly absorbed by the body and penetrate the cell membrane, thus achieving the protection of each cell from the inside-out.

  3. Vegetarian, safe
    It is made of plant ingredients and no animal ingredients, so vegetarians can take it with peace of mind.

  4. Choose high-quality imported raw materials
    Adhere to the selection of high-quality imported raw materials to ensure that each ingredient can achieve the greatest benefit to the body.

  5. Using leading extraction technology
    In a strictly controlled environment, extraction is carried out to extract the most nutritious and valuable essence of the ingredients. Through the exclusive extraction technology, the essence that is most easily absorbed by the body is retained.